How To Schedule Your Product Releases

How To Schedule Your Product Releases
Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

So, yesterday in the mastermind group, we had a good discussion about scheduling launches. Well, not just launches, even. Just your promotion schedule in general.

Hopefully, this can help you too, because I see a lot of people struggle with it. You don’t have to be a PLR provider like me for this to apply, either.

From a personal experience, my business didn’t get manageable and produce consistent income until I set a schedule for my new products to go live to the public.

Before I set a schedule, I would put them (new products) out as often as I got them done and in the beginning, it was all the time. I was on fire to make stuff, let me tell you.

But, as a consumer, that’s overwhelming. Here in the states, it’s common to see a new big box store ad weekly – via their website or a newpaper flyer (that’s kinda telling how old I am).

Even though the ad would contain a whole lot of products (old ones on sale or new ones just out), the ad actually only went out once per week. It’s usually Sundays around here.

So, as a consumer, I know that I can look forward to the Sunday paper or the Sunday email where I’ll see what’s new and what’s worth taking a look at before it is taken out of the store.

Now, I want you to think about how your customers view your product releases.

  • Are they taken by surprise because you send emails randomly to announce your latest product?
  • Do they miss those emails because they don’t know to watch for your announcements?

It doesn’t have be daily, but consistency is the key. Last month (July) I took the month off from launching anything new other than my Clubs.

What I did with that time was get my sh*t organized. 

  1. I used a combination of my desk calendar and an eraseable pen (I like frixion) to write in what product or sale I wanted to put out every Thursday of the month from August through September.
  2. Then, I made sure all the files were given to my VA who sets up sales pages, my shopping cart and delivery.
  3. Then, I went to my Trello board which is where I put all the details like the links to sales page, affiliate link, pricing, coupon code… All that stuff.
  4. Then, I decided that using google calendar might be easier for affiliates to visit since not all of them use email. So, I added all the info to a calendar dedicated to PlanningAddicts and put it on my affiliate page on the site.
  5. Once I knew what , when, and how for all the Thursdays going forward, I let my affiliates know and then scheduled emails for affiliates and customers as reminders.

Once all that was done, I found it much easier to be on top of and ahead of new products. As of now, I have products scheduled through November, but they aren’t at the stage of sharing with affiliates yet. There are more products being worked on by my team too.

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Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

So,  my advice is this. Understand how much you can get done in a chosen time frame. Lets say, one month.

Can you get 2 products ready to sell? Can you have 3 or 4? 
Whatever it is, start a month out. Better yet, start at two months out.

It’s the end of August right now. 
Plan to have your next product ready to sell at the end of October. 
Then, move on to the next product and schedule it for two weeks after that.

If you work faster than that and can get products done and sellable faster, then, go ahead and schedule them sooner. But, give yourself time enough to have ALL THE THINGS done.

The sales page, the file delivery, the emails, the social media blurbs, the affiliate notifications.

Once you’ve gotten into the swing of that process, it will be easier and easier. Consistency will help you as much as your customers!