Welcome to the PlanningAddicts.com Affiliate Program

Here's a quick run-down of how being an affiliate work around here.

  • You earn 50% commissions on anything sold through your link, unless otherwise stated.
  • You get 30 day cookies for commissions (unless the customer clears their cookies on their device).
  • You won't earn anything when you place an order through your own link. If this happens, the commission will be removed.
  • I send affiliate emails often in order to keep you up to date and help you plan ahead.
  • You will be auto-approved and be able to see all other available products inside your affiliate area after signup.

  • You'll also be added to the email list for affiliates and will receive notice of upcoming launches.

  • Here you can check your statistics, get information about your payments.
  • Your links are also included here, but it's messy.
  • The best way to find links inside the affiliate area is to use the CNTRL + F buttons on your keyboard while inside the affiliate dashboard.
    Enter the product name, and find the product that way.

If you'd like to give your customers a downloadable file for purchasing through your link, you can add that. Watch the video here to see how, along with using the thrivecart system for your affiliate account.