Supertired or SuperPowered?

Welcome to a world where content creation is no longer a chore, but your superpower. Tell me if this is you...

You want to start a new business but aren't sure how to do all the things...

You already run a business and want to grow it without working even more...

The duct tape holding your product offers together is starting to wear thin...

Getting from here to there doesn't have to be so hard!

If you are a hot mess trying to wrangle your tech, team, and product offers, using my templates can take the pressure off.

If you dream of offering courses, workbooks, programs, and handouts to your clients and audience, then our templates will make you look like you have your 'ish in order.


The cool thing about the content from is that it is easy to create products that actually work for you based on your needs.

You can mix and match templates to your heart's desire! Then, you can alter the templates and sell journals and planners as your own too!

Sell Products and Offers Now, not Next Week!

  • Skip hiring teams and the headache of communications.

  • No more stress trying to identify the best ideas and what should go into your offers.

  • Keep your time for yourself instead of designing from scratch.

With a few tweaks of our Done-For-You planners, journals, and workbooks, you can put your brand on blast in the best way.

Hey there...

My name is Jenn (with my dove, Daisy)and I love planners and journals. I spent years buying them because I love them, but many just didn’t work for me.

So, I learned how to edit and change PLR (private label rights) templates to fit what I needed. Later, I started selling what I created and that became the business you know as

I'm neurodivergent and, yes, that's actually important. You should know I do things differently sometimes. is an independent business created by Jenn Brockman in 2017.

My umbrella business is Laughing Flamingo LLC. That's what you'll see on your invoices.

A few of my other businesses are


Our license allows you to edit and brand the templates as your own, and then sell your new PDF version. Or upload it to sites like Createspace and Lulu.
★See the license in the download files for any package you purchase.


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