Earn Ongoing Commission

  • Earn 50% on every digital product or digital subscription (recurring)
  • Your own dashboard (a page that shows your stats, money earned, money paid etc.)
  • You will be paid for all commissions earned on a weekly basis via Paypal.  
  • 365-day cookie means if a customer shops through your link once, you'll get a commission on any future orders they place as long as they haven't cleared their computer's cookies. 
  • You won't earn a commission when you buy through your own link. 

The Fine Print

  • Be Kind. Be Smart. Be Ethical. Do not send unsolicited emails or so many as to annoy customers. Do not cheat the system or try to steal customers from fellow affiliates. 
  • To preserve the integrity of the program, ordering from your own affiliate link is prohibited and commissions will be removed.

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After you register to be an affiliate, please sign up for our affiliate only newsletter. 


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