Adult Coloring: Create Your Coloring Relaxation Routine

Adult Coloring: Create Your Coloring Relaxation Routine
Photo by Tea Creative │ Soo Chung / Unsplash

So, you've decided to give adult coloring a go, it sounds like a great way to de-stress and you like the idea of color therapy, coloring as mindfulness and increasing your creativity. But maybe you're not sure where to start.

It's probably been quite a while since you last got your crayons out; 10, 20, maybe 30 years?! There are so many options out there and some will suit you more than others as we are all unique, especially when it comes to our creativity.

What to Use for Adult Coloring

You can of course just grab a coloring book from the dollar store, open a fresh box of crayons and begin! But if you want a more adult feeling when you color, we've put together some suggestions about what materials you might want to use, ideas for pictures and patterns to choose from and tips about how to create your very own relaxing coloring routine.

Coloring Page Choices

You don't have to settle for a juvenile coloring book. Today there are fantastic adult coloring books with geometric patterns, beautiful pictures and intricate designs. Choose a wonderful geometric design and color each repeating block a different color.

Decide to create repeating color schemes (squares are blue, circles are orange) or do a picture in all pastel colors. The choice is completely up to you whatever makes you happy. That is the wonderful thing about coloring.

person holding green pen and white printer paper
Photo by Tea Creative │ Soo Chung / Unsplash

What Will You Use?

Today, adults who enjoy coloring are not limited to a box of waxy crayons (they are great, though!) to color their landscapes and Greek goddesses. Select a box of pre-sharpened colored pencils for a more mature coloring experience. There are plenty of other options, too.

You could opt for pens in a kaleidoscope of colors or maybe you'll decide that chalk or oil pastels are what your artwork needs. The only limit of your mediums is your mind. You can choose to mix-and-match your coloring choices for different textures and color depths.

Picture Pages

You are not limited to coloring books for your pleasure, either. Try some posters that come with markers for your coloring fun. Superheroes, princesses, kittens, the list is almost endless.

Just pick a picture that makes you smile. You could pick up a tiny picture to color or a full poster-sized image. Print them off from your home printer. It's easy to find wonderful subject matter online.

blue and yellow bird painting
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Relax Like an Adult

The key to coloring fun is to have fun. Relax. Stretch out on your bean bag or a rug in front of the fireplace. Pour a glass of wine. Put on some music that makes you mellow (maybe some Kenny G?) and grab your crayons.

Block out the rest of the world, the ringing phone, the pressing matters at work. This is your time. Make light strokes or press down on the crayons for heavy, thick color. Remember- this is your time. This is your art. This is your relaxation. Have it your way.

And if your husband, daughter, cat, dog, etc. want your attention, make it very clear that this is your coloring time and whatever it is they need can probably wait at least 20 minutes! Maybe wishful thinking but it sure is worth giving it a try!