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Personal Use 


You may 

  • print as many pages as you like from one product
  • print as often as you like from one product
  • print at a big box store like Staples or Office Max
  • Print and give away the printed product to friends or family as a gift. 
  • Send the digital file to a friend or family member as a gift. 

You may NOT

  • Give away the digital file to everyone
  • Offer the digital file for sale or download for free anywhere online


Commercial use




  • Create Unlimited Physical End Products
  • Create Unlimited Digital End Products
  • Edit colors, fonts, layouts, add or remove graphics. 


* Do not use my name or any business name associated with me. 
* Do not give away or sell any of the source (editable) documents. 
* Do not extract graphics from my products for use in or with other products. 
  • Graphics refer to things like images, floral elements, arrows, santa, deer, ect.
  • Graphics do not mean the charts, text boxes, tables, or other elements created with powerpoint or google slides functions. 
  • So, what it boils down to is you can't remove a graphic from my product to add to a product you create that does not use one of my templates at all. 
  • If you want a graphic from one of my products to add to a completely separate product, then you should buy the graphics only. I can probably point you to where I bought them.
  • The graphics I use in my products come with their own use rights that I have to pass on. 

Examples of how to use our templates: 

  • You may resell, publish it,  or give it away to your list.
  • Use templates from several different journals and planners to create a unique end product. 
  • Add your own branding, website or business name. 
  • Change font style and size. 
  • Change or add colors. 
  • Add graphics and/or photos. 
Physical Items: Physical items might be sold at Amazon, Etsy or print on demand platforms. 
Digital distribution: Digital product may be offered in places like your own website, Etsy, or Gumroad.