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Apr 17, 2019
Success Comes from Persistence

In business, persistence is crucial for success; both in the start-up phase and for maintenance. Persistence is also critical for achieving personal goals as well. If you've ever seen a weight loss success story, you can bet your ass that persistence played a big part. 

The rewards of persistence are far more than just achieving success. Take a look at some of the other benefits below. 

Personal Growth

You are going to put yourself through trials and tribulations when you set your mind to achieving success. With persistence in the driver's seat your confidence will improve, self-worth and self-esteem get a boost, and your sense of purpose will rise to the top. 

Greater Likelihood of Success

Obviously, not every goal is going to be successful. Sometimes business ventures just don't pan out for one reason or another. Life has a way of interfering with our dreams. 

That's just the way it goes. But when persistence is in play, the likelihood of succeeding is much greater. You can't be a quitter and meet the finish line. 

Increased Problem-Solving Ability

You are going to meet adversity, probably head-on without a handshake, and probably more than once. Being persistent helps you build creative thinking skills and problem-solving techniques. If success is the goal, you might be forced to think outside the box and discover different ways of getting things done. 

Basically, it's like taking a different route home from work until you find the best one. Maybe you're looking for the fastest or maybe you like to avoid freeways and toll roads. Whatever the case, brainstorming is going to be like second nature by the time you've reached the top.

Discover Valuable Resources

The persistent one uses their social circle and networking skills to reach out to others. Research never really ends when you are on a mission. Along the way, you are bound to make connections with people who are going to be valuable resources for your continued success. I know I have. 

You might just run across a person with the exact skill set you need to employ, and bonus, this person is willing to work for pennies. This is great because as a start-up, you usually don't exactly have a ton of revenue to spend on paying wages. 

Attract Successful People

Happy people like to be around other happy people. The same is true for successful people. They surround themselves with people who have the capability of nurturing their persistence rather than depleting it with negativity. 

You are likely to build an entirely new social circle promoting your venture and helping you succeed. Remember, they too were once in your shoes and know the struggles are definitely real. 

This makes them more eager to help out when they can; be it an open ear or an investor, they will be there when you fall flat on your face because they know you are going to get right back up and persevere. 

Build a Stronger Work Ethic

Particularly in the business world, if you have set a goal and are on a mission to achieve it, your work ethics are going to soar like never before. It's likely you will often think about new strategies and adjustments in your plan that could expedite your success. 

As an added bonus, it's easy to feel proud of yourself for performing with integrity and grace during circumstances when you could have taken a less ethical road. 

It should come as no surprise how many business ventures fall short and personal goals get overshadowed by excuses. It's extremely difficult having the guts and drive to continue down a road that sometimes feels like the end will never justify the means. 

It's a long ride on an emotional rollercoaster, and not for the faint of heart. The one with persistence though knows the fate of their goal is basically in their own hands. No one else has control and no one else is responsible for their happiness.  

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Author: Jenn Alex Brockman