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I've spent the last several years teaching myself how to use more of the aspects of my free tool to create more and different types of digital and for-print products.

When I started, there were no online training videos on Youtube for using this tool in the way I wanted, so I learned by digging in and trying things as I created.

Now, you can learn what I've learned and create your own Journals, Planners, Workbooks and more!


It's so much fun!

Someone who watched me teach live said it looks like art class. In some ways it is, but less messy!

Many folks think that you can't do much with a completely free tool and when I started, I wasn't sure this tool would produce print quality files. But, I've learned how to do just that using one additional free tool.

In early 2018 I jumped at the chance to learn how to use powerpoint to create and edit planners and journals.

I'd spent years paying others for planners and workbooks that didn't quite fit what I needed. My daughters both had health issues that needed tracking and I desperately wanted to learn how to create the tracking pages we needed.

So, when I had the opportunity to learn to use Powerpoint to create them myself, I was excited, to say the least.

But, I did it without buying Powerpoint to work with and instead used a free tool. The course I learned from was fantastic and the controls close enough between my tool and powerpoint that I was able to teach myself how to do much of the same process.

As my business has grown, I've had many customers ask me what I use and if I can teach them because they find Powerpoint just a little overwhelming to edit templates with.

I agree about Powerpoint. I bought it at one point and just found it confusing and messy compared to the tool I use. Now, I'm not knocking Powerpoint. It's a fantastic tool and much less expensive than software like Photoshop. It can also do a few things that my tool can't (or that I haven't found out how to do yet).
But, this tool can do everything you need in order to create fantastic, fun, pretty or elegant templates, and it's free!

The totally free tool is Google Slides

When you buy this course, you'll get

  • Access to more than 20 (and growing) modules of recorded video showing you how to set up your account for ease of use.
  • How to create new templates from scratch.
  • How to use Powerpoint templates in Google Slides.
  • How to edit powerpoint templates you bought to rebrand.

There's more included too like;

  • How to download your final powerpoint file to preserve the print quality.
  • Working with graphics in your Google Drive and with Google Slides.
  • How to create covers that work with selling on Etsy, Amazon and Lulu!

Plus, you'll find additional free or very low-cost tools that will help you convert the files to be good enough to print at platforms like Amazon and Lulu.

Modules Include

Welcome (overview)

Google Add-ons

Slide sizes

Adjusting the editor

Creating Boxes for Text or Color

How To Space out elements evenly

Shapes - Alignment

Text - adjust font, color, size

Colors - custom - solid - gradient

Duplicating Slides

Note Pages 2 ways

Adding Backgrounds

Loading Zip Files, Unzipping them (in google drive)

Converting Powerpoint to google slide files

Downloading your saved files

Preserving Print Quality using this Tool

Who Should Take This Course?

  • You find Powerpoint to be too overwhelming or complicated.
  • You've never created your own planner or journal.
  • You're are a Blogger or Website owner who wants to edit PLR / Commercial Rights templates you bought.
  • You can't find the planner or templates that are perfect for your situation.
  • You want to start a business selling your printables on Etsy or your Website or even Amazon

Comments from Course Users

"I just spent the entire morning going through every video in the course, and all I can say is "GREAT JOB!!" You obviously know what you are teaching and use Google Slides on a regular basis. I have bought too many courses over the years (including some pricey highly touted ones on some of the big course platforms!) where it was obvious that the course creator was not a regular user of whatever he was trying to sell, he just was doing the video to make a quick buck. Not the case here - you have done an excellent job, and should be very successful with it."

Melody Wigdahl -

"I took this course because I was challenged by PowerPoint and had heard that Google Slides was easier. Now, I have a clear understanding of how Google Slides work. Thanks to you, I feel like I can use it to complete projects without getting overwhelmed. I really enjoyed your presentation style and the bite-sized content videos. You made everything seem doable and not overly complicated. I believe that you gave the most insight as to how you personally make choices when it comes to setting up your projects than any other course I have taken. Those courses are good but I always feel like something has been left out. That was not the case with your course. I felt like you were sitting here beside me at the computer and we were working through things one on one. I really liked your tips on creating a scene on the book cover. I had not seen anyone else do this before."

Jenny Dunham -

"Jenn - what you are saying is so helpful and encouraging!" Carol B
"This was so much valuable information. Thanks, Jenn." Joyce
"Thanks so much! It helps to watch rather than just read how to do certain activities!" Louise


PDF - with instructions to join the classroom, Tips + Tools.


Immediate access to all video modules.


Lifetime access including any videos made in the future!



When does the course start > end?

As soon as you pay and log in, is when it starts.
You also get lifetime access. This is a go at your own pace course.

Do I need special software?

Nope. But, you DO need a free Google Account.
I also reccomend that you use the Chrome browser.
Everything I teach can be done with no further cost. If you want to make things quicker or fancier, you can pay for upgrades, but they are not needed.

How do I access the course?

After payment, you'll get a PDF with link and code to join the classroom, along with further instructions and an email.

How do I contact customer support?

Send an email to JENN@PLANNINGADDICTS.OM or use our contact form at

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