Where do I find the templates I've bought from you? 

  • CLUBS: If you join one of our Clubs, you'll be emailed a membership where you can login and find your files. Or, you can sign in here: Clubs access
    • To access your Club level. Use the same instructions above. Your login page is here: Planning Addicts Rocks If you didn't receive your login email, please send me an email with your order information and the email you used, so I can get you hooked up. 
  • PRODUCTS: For all other products, you'll be sent an email with a download link at the bottom of the receipt. 
    • You can access your purchase receipts via the customer hub
    • Enter your email. 
    • Open the email that thrivecart sends you. 
    • You can now see any single purchases you made. To access your files, scroll down to the bottom of the invoice and click on the button in the lower left corner. 

What does your PLR license allow/not allow?

Planning Addicts license is flexible.

  1. The main restriction is to not remove the graphics and use them in an unrelated product.
  2. You should know that Amazon's platform may restrict your uploads if your product is exactly like others already listed. I recommend that you edit the fonts and colors (at the minimum) before uploading to KDP. 

Can I edit your private label rights templates? 

Yes, I recommend that you do. You are not required to, though. You can simply add your website URL or logo and sell the end products as your own. 


Can I resell the templates I get from PlanningAddicts?

Yes and No. 

  • Yes, you may sell the end product to customers as long as they are not able to edit the product. For instance; you can give them the PDF or JPG, but not a word or powerpoint file. 
  • You may not include private label or commercial use rights in the product's license that you give to your customers. 


Are your private label rights templates ever updated? 

Rarely do I update past products. I have a lot of them and continue to release often, so there's little time to go back through older products. 

What do I do once I download my private label rights templates?

I hope you have a plan before you buy product, but here are some recommendations: 

  • Unzip you new files 
  • Look for the "Read Me" File for more information. 
  • Organize the files in a way that works for you.
  • Decide how you want to use your templates. Will you use them as-is, or mix templates from several different packs?
  • Make your edits, save your end product as a PDF and then publish. 

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