Journal Monthly Club 

Launch Date: 02/01/2020

This club will provide you with a fully designed journal each month on an evergreen and specific topic with at least 30 pages, prompts, matching social media assets, and covers. 


This month has 2 packs included and one of those has 2 colorways/designs, so it's kind of like getting 3 sets! See below. 

  •        Reflections Journal (2 designs, same prompts)
  •        Self Care Journal 

Journal Monthly Club

Join the club and get a new downloadable set of journaling files each month that you can use yourself, or edit and turn into products for your customers and clients. The club will feature a variety of prompts that will focus on mental health, business and popular yearly events. Every month will feature a different topic and design. 

Coaches! Use these to work one on one with your clients, or in a group setting. 

Therapists! Use these to dive into those deeper mind set troubles with your clients. 

Bloggers! Use this for your own writing prompts, and then sell a branded PDF version to your readers. 

POD Sellers! Yes, you can use these also. Be sure to edit them at least a little in order to differentiate your brand from others in the marketplaces. 

Why Journaling?

Everyone should be Journaling! It helps in so many ways, from finding triggers of your stress, to helping with physical and mental health, weight loss, and a host of other issues. Often though, people think they have to face a blank page in order to journal. Not in this case. All our journal will have prompts related to specific topics to help you or your clients work through their needs. 

Journaling Helps With Mental Health.   A major benefit to writing in a journal everyday is that it helps you figure out what is causing your stress, lets you see why your anxiety is high, and can help with your depression.

Journaling Helps With Physical Health. For physical health, journaling helps you lose weight or manage your weight by finding out why you have certain ailments, and by narrowing down the reasons you aren’t drinking enough water each day. You can be a healthier person overall just by having a journal. 

You Can Feel Safe Releasing Your Emotions.  For some of us, the fear of judgement or lack of understanding keeps us from discussing our life with others.  A journal is a good way to express all those feelings and not worry about something reading it or looking at you differently. 

You'll Find Out New Things About Yourself.   Keeping a journal can also help you gain more clarity about who you are and what you want out of life. Try just answering the prompts without thinking much. You may be quite surprised at what shows up! You can always walk away from the journal and not re-read your thoughts. Or, you may find that it's cathartic to go back and see how you dealt with situations. 

Journaling really can help your growth spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Each Month Includes: 

  • Covers - 2 suitable for printing (etsy, personal sites), 2 suitable for Amazon KDP. 
  • Journal Pages - At least 1 journal design per month. Includes daily prompt per page. 
  • Topics - A different topic each month like Reflections, Self Care, Travel, Empowerment + more. 
  • Social Media posts templates- at least 5 matching each month's journal in 2 sizes good for Instagram & Facebook.  

  • Daily Prompts - at least 30 per month related to that month's  specific topic. 
  • Blank Calendar  - themed, but undated calendar. 
  • Funny Events / calendar dates related to the month.  Humorous events and calendar dates to think about while journaling. 
  • Sizes - interior file sizes: 8.5 x 11 & 6x9 inches. 
  • File types - PDF (printable) - grayscale + color.  Powerpoint (editable) - color.  

When you join in Feb. 2020

You'll get two Journal Monthly packs when you join in February! See them both below. To launch our newest Club, you'll get the Reflections Journal Pack & the Self Care Journal Pack below! 

Reflection Journal - 

Take a look at your recent past. How have you handled it? What has it taught you. Use this Journal with Prompts to assess how well you did and where you'd like to improve. 

Covers + Interiors (2 colorways -brown & gray

Social Media Templates

Self Care Journal - 

Self Care is about more than hot bubble baths and your favorite food. Use this journal with prompts to sort through what really brings you joy, and how to get more of that in your life. 

Covers + Interiors 

Social Media Templates


  • TOPICS - A different evergreen topic each month like Reflections, Self Care, Travel, Empowerment + more.  These can be used year round, and are not seasonal, so it won't matter what time of year you join the club! 
  • DAILY PROMPTS - at least 31 per month related to that month's  specific topic. 
  • FUNNY EVENTS / calendar dates related to the month. Humorous events and calendar dates to think about while journaling.
  • JOURNAL PAGES - At least 1 journal design per month. Includes daily prompt per page. 
  • BLANK CALENDAR - themed, but undated calendar. 
  • COVERS - 2 suitable for printing (etsy, personal sites), 2 suitable for Amazon KDP (in the larger size). 
  • SIZES - interior file sizes: 8.5 x 11 & 6x9 inches. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS - at least 5 social media post templates that match each month's journal in 1200 x 1200px good for Instagram & Facebook. 
  • FILE TYPES - PDF (printable) - grayscale + color.  Powerpoint (editable) - color. 

DOWNLOADS - You should get an email after purchase with your login information. If you do not, please contact me with your information so I can get it to you. 
Your login is here:

REFUNDS - There are NO refunds because this is a digital product. This is for a digital file. There will be NO physical items sent. If you have trouble accessing your files, please contact me. 

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