Cleaning Checklists

House cleaning is an often disdained task, but it has to be done, right? Unfortunately it does. And often.
The new 26 page templates Cleaning Checklists can help you and your clients track what was cleaned, when, and how. 

See the flip video below for details.

All pages are editable in powerpoint or google slides, and you can re-brand these as your own and sell on your website or POD platforms. 

This is for a digital file. There will be NO physical items sent. You get Commercial Use Rights.

How to use the Cleaning Checklists

For yourself - Print the PDF and add the pages to your 3 ring binder or a Folder!  Create a specific folder to track, when and what was cleaned and when. 

For business - You can brand this planner as your own. Open the powerpoint file in powerpoint or google slides to edit or add your branding. Combine a few pages to create many different products.  To make it your own, I suggest editing:   

  • Font color / style
  • Box color Line width or style (dotted/dashes)
  • Add your logo and a page with links back to your site / offers.   
  • Turn it into a print on demand product  
  • Sell it on your site.   
  • Use it with coaching clients. 

What's Included?

PDF in color & grayscale. + PPT in color. | 8.5 x 11 in. & 6 x 9 in. | Commercial Use / Private Label Rights. 
26 pages in total. 

  1. Spring Cleaning Checklist
  2. This Week planner page
  3. Daily Cleaning Checklist #1
  4. Daily Cleaning Checklist #2
  5. Daily Cleaning Checklist #3
  6. Daily Cleaning Checklist #4
  7. Speed Cleaning Checklist
  8. Room by Room Checklist #1
  9. Room by Room Checklist #2
  10. Cleaning Flowchart 
  11. Home Cleaning Planner
  12. Home Cleaning Checklist
  13. Cleaning To-Do's
  1. Home Cleaning - General
  2. Cleaning - Room by Room
  3. Get Rid of It- Checklist
  4. Clean Home- Happy Home
  5. Daily Cleaning Checklist #5
  6. Zone Chores
  7. Moving In-Out Checklist
  8. Dining Room
  9. Kitchen 
  10. Bathroom
  11. Living Room
  12. Bedroom
  13. Whole House

This is for a digital file. There will be NO physical items sent. You get Commercial Use Rights.

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