Aug 06, 2019
Back To Basics with Planners: Setting Up Your Perfect Planner Environment

There are so many planners, journals and diaries on the market right now, not to mention books and blog articles about how to use them! Should you be using a bullet journal, a daily or weekly planner, a dream journal, or a good old-fashioned diary? And then there are numerous different reasons and goals related to why you are planning and what you hope to gain from it. This can all be a bit overwhelming if you are new to using planners and journals.

Sometimes you need to start with the simple things before you take up a new habit. The series of articles coming up will go back to basics with planning. This article will look at your planning environment and then we’ll go from there until you have everything you need to getting planning…or journaling..or diarizing!  

When you start using a planner, where are you using it? What is your main purpose? What are the supplies and where do you keep them? All of these details are important because they can make or break your success with planners, and help encourage you to benefit fully from them. Here are some things to know about creating the perfect environment for using your planner.

Where to Use Your Planner

To start with, decide on the environment for using your planner. Choose a room in your home where you are able to focus on the planner without a lot of distractions. It might also depend on when you are using the planner. If you are using it in the morning, the dining room table works great. However, if it is to be used at night when you are alone, maybe an office or your bedroom is best.

Choosing the Time of Day

Create a daily routine with your planner by choosing the time of day you want to use it every day. This is going to vary, but for now, scheduling it into your day encourages you to use it every day and provides a good reminder. Pick a time of day when you are inspired to use the planner, when you are alone or can sit in quiet for a few minutes, or when you tend to like to reflect on things.

Creating a Self-Care Routine

It is a good idea to treat using your planner as part of a self-care routine. This is something you are doing for yourself, not anyone else. You want to improve your health, organize your life, and reach your goals. For this reason, it is good to use your planner in an environment where there aren’t a lot of distractions. Turn off your phone and computer and listen to soft music, or just sit in the silence and have a candle or essential oil diffuser in the background. Make it something you do for yourself each day when you have a few

minutes all to yourself.

Planner Tools to Have Nearby

While you can use your planner anywhere, it is good to have a relaxing environment at home that also provides all the tools and materials you will need. This might include pens and pencils, a ruler for creating boxes on blank planner pages, stickers, Washi tape, embellishments, highlighters, and many other items. These are used for entering information, customizing pages, and color-coding.

So now have a quick look back at each section and jot down what would work for you until you have a plan for your planning! To recap, you’ll need to decide where (usually) to do your daily planning and what time of day suits you best. Next, think about how to create a peaceful environment where you can focus and what equipment you would like to have available. It’s all about personalizing your planning and finding a system that really works for you. Because remember, this is for you…nobody else…just you!

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