Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: 

Better Systems, Better Bottom Line

For anyone wanting to build their bottom line by promoting affiliate offers. 


Doesn't matter if you are just starting out, already running a great game, or have a business you've never thought of adding affiliate marketing to. You can do this! 

Why Can't I Just Get Ahead?

UGH! Let's be real - do your days end up looking something like this:

It's 4pm and your tummy is growling at you when you realize you didn't shower or eat anything yet. Your coffee is cold and, while you've been busy, you don't feel like you achieved anything that moved you closer to your income goals, personal mission or dream lifestyle! 

You Wonder if It's Possible for You


Those picture-perfect entrepreneurs who seem to have massive success aren't showing you the whole truth in most cases. While they appear to have their health, happiness, and family or lifestyle, they have put into place systems that work to move their business forward. 
You, on the other hand, feel like you're burning the candle at both ends and can't seem to get ahead. 

No Plan = No Money

Is this You? Your busy work isn't getting you the income you want or need to get the lifestyle you want. Self sabotage and misdirected attention doesn't mean you aren't working hard enough and can't stay organized. It means you need a system to support you in business. 

This course is for the entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and small businesses that aren't satisfied just getting "more stuff done".

This is a step-by-step detailed system for marketing the right way as an affiliate. If you already have some affiliate marketing under your belt and are not getting the results you want or you've been doing it in a totally haphazard way, this course has all the steps to give you the systems you need in order to level up your bottom line. 

Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn in This Course! 

The Systems Needed for Tracking and Evaluation
Making Time to Study Results and Evaluate as Needed
Tracking Your Affiliate Income
Scheduling with a Promo Calendar
Tracking Your Affiliate Promotions


A beautifully formatted ebook separated into four modules of instruction, personal insights, and tasks. 

Printable Worksheets

20 + pages separated into four modules to accompany the tasks learned in each of the four lesson modules. 

Trello Boards

Four Trello Boards that complement or replace using printable worksheets for tracking and planning. 

The course consists of 4 modules: 

  • Module 1: Getting Ready to Promote 
  • Module 2: Deciding What to Promote 
  • Module 3: How and Where to Promote 
  • Module 4: Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tactics 

Each module includes a written guide,  printable worksheets and a Trello board for tracking your activities.  There’s also a protected community area where you can communicate with other students, and have access to both Jenn and Ruth to get help when you need it. 

Q & A

with Ruth and Jenn. We'll do at least one, maybe two follow up videos where we answer your questions from inside the course modules and our community. 

All delivered inside a true course platform that makes it easy to see what you've done and what's left to do! 

Just a one time payment of  $97 

Just a one time payment of  $97 

Customer Feedback

" Ruth and Jenn have put together a lot of information that will help anyone get started in, or improve current efforts with, affiliate marketing. I'm a relative newcomer to this particular income stream and picked up many tips and tricks that will help me even if I want to minimize my methods and limit myself to email marketing for now. Everything is laid out simply and you can learn the why, what, how, and where, in a logical progression. And the Trello boards are a genius addition - even if you prefer to organize your information in another way, you can get great ideas on how to organize from those and the worksheets." 
— Stephanie from 

"I knew my affiliate marketing was hap-hazard but holy smokes!  I have a whole new approach thanks to Jenn & Ruth!  Not only are they extremely thorough, but if you’re a paper person, they’ve got you covered.  If you’re a digital person, there are Trello boards.  I may learn Trello yet after looking thru all this!  You can expect to finish this with a system for promoting in addition to the how-tos and what-fors.  Best affiliate material I have ever read!  I haven’t answered all the inside questions yet but I’ve been reading and re-reading and looking ahead at other people’s calendars (which I didn’t before). I can’t wait to mail my peeps now that I know how to better share affiliate offers! 
 -Edith from 

" Wow! I'm seriously impressed by "Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle." Ruthie and Jenn have laid it all out in an easy step by step system so I feel like I have everything I need now to make more money with affiliate marketing. After almost 15 years as an affiliate marketer, I thought I'd skim through this course and find a few golden nuggets and I'd be finished. But I was wrong; I found so much more than I expected. So I admit, I skimmed through the course at first from beginning to end, but having seen the huge value, I'm going right back to follow every step! I loved that I didn't have to sit through endless "talking heads" videos, taking notes that I won't be able to decipher by next week. I found the book and worksheets are perfect for working at my own pace and they are documents I will go back to again and again when I want to try a new strategy or improve my results. I also love the way you gather feedback in the course modules themselves so that students don't have to go elsewhere to ask a question or note their thoughts."
— Jann from

Just a one time payment of  $97 

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Just a one time payment of  $97 

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