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You have both the Commercial Use and Personal Use Rights to this Pack - meaning you can use it yourself, or edit it (according to our license) and resell it as your own.

LICENSES: Do not use my name or any names associated with my companies. Read more specifics below. 

GRAPHICS: Our graphics are for your use only! You cannot remove and sell the graphics included in any of our products to an end user in any way. 

Most of the graphics used in our products have a limited license and we need to follow their rules. 

[NO] You CANNOT use graphics as a bonus

[NO] You CANNOT sell graphics with Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, or Private Label Rights

[NO] You CANNOT sell or give any of our content in your own PLR store

[NO} Do not remove graphics from one our products to use in a completely unrelated product or project. In this case, you should buy your graphics from a direct seller.

TEMPLATES: This refers to any lined pages, journal or planner templates.

[NO] You CANNOT sell our templates with Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, or Private Label Rights

[NO] You CANNOT sell or give any of our content in your own PLR store

WRITTEN CONTENT: Any of our written content including blog posts, ebooks, or reports. 

[NO] You CANNOT sell our Written Content with Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, or Private Label Rights

[NO] You CANNOT sell or give any of our Written Content in your own PLR store

[NO] You CANNOT use written content on Kindle or other publishing platforms

[NO] You CANNOT submit articles to article directories without completely rewriting.

How to use PLR/Commercial Use Rights / White Label / content:

You may only provide NON EDITABLE versions of the content to your own customers. Plus, all content is for your customer's personal use only. 


We cannot warranty the accuracy of our written content and will not be held liable for its use. We are not certified professionals in any of the niches we provide content for, however we pride ourselves in providing content that has been well-researched by our team. We endeavor to provide information that is up-to-date at the time of being written.

Examples of how to use our templates: 

  1. Physical Items: Physical items might be sold at Amazon, Etsy or print on demand platforms. 
  2. Digital distribution: Digital product may be offered in places like your own website, Etsy,or Gumroad. 

  •  Download and sell the product without modification. Not recommended.
  • Download and sell the product with modifications.
  • You may resell, publish it, or give it away to your list.
  • Create new products by combining multiple downloaded resources and adding items of your own, as long as the new design is offered as an end product in PDF format or similar non-editable file. 
  • Use templates from several different journals and planners to create a unique end product. 
  • Add your own branding, website or business name. 
  • Change font style and size. 
  • Change or add colors. 
  • Add graphics and/or photos.

Tips and Explanations for the Commercial Rights templates:

Most of my templates are intended for you to use as a guide - any words should be changed or altered according to your needs. See somewhere that says Notes? Feel free to change that to something else, like Today’s Thoughts or anything that fits your project’s needs.

There is plenty of white space in these templates (most of them anyway) and those are intended for you to add your own pieces - artwork, a new box for some added feature, or leave it blank for your clients and customers to doodle in.

Please know that if you change the font and/or size, it could alter the layout of a text box. If a text box has lines created with the underline key ____ then changing the size and font style may make that line longer or shorter and increase the space between Lines. and are a subsidiary of LaughingFlamingo LLC. Your billing may reflect any or all of those titles.

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