Planning Addicts

Welcome to  My name is Jenn and I love creating planners and journals. I spent years buying journals and planners because I love them, but many just didn’t work out for me. They weren’t quite what I needed or I ended up wasting lots of paper. 

The cool thing about the content here is that it is easy to create products that actually work for you based on your needs. You can mix and match templates to your heart's desire! Then, you can alter the templates and sell journals and planners as your own too! 

Planning Addicts was developed after I created Jenny Journals which was a place to blog about my life's journey, and sell my creations too. Then, I decided that these products would be beneficial to people like coaches, teachers, and parents who wanted to make a little extra money. My umbrella business is Laughing Flamingo LLC. That's what you'll see on your invoices. 

I personally have used Google’s Sides to create with since it’s free and works very easily. It will convert the PowerPoint files and then it works very similarly to PowerPoint. The graphics are easy to add, move around and layouts are so much fun to make! 


Our license allows you to edit and brand the templates as your own, and then sell your new PDF version. Or upload it to sites like Createspace and Lulu.