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Planner Journal PLR

Welcome to Journal Planner PLR! My name is Jenn and I love creating planners and journals. I spent years buying journals and planners because I love them, but many just didn’t work out for me. They weren’t quite what I needed or I ended up wasting lots of paper. 

The cool thing about the content here is that it is easy to create products that actually work for you based on your needs. You can mix and match templates to your heart's desire! Then, you can alter the templates and sell journals and planners as your own too! 

I offer bundles of templates at affordable prices that come with commercial use rights. So, you can use the templates bought through my site for both personal uses and turn into products for your own business. 

Our license allows you to edit and brand the templates as your own, and then sell your new PDF version. Or upload it to sites like Createspace and Lulu. 

While I don’t have my own course or tutorials yet, I’ll be sharing some by the folks I learned from. They will explain this process in detail using PowerPoint. I personally have used Google’s Sides to create mine since it’s free and works very easily. It will convert the PowerPoint files and then it works very similarly to PowerPoint. The graphics are easy to add, move around and layouts are so much fun to make! 


Planning Addicts.com

PlanningAddicts.com is a combination of JennyJournals.com and PlannerJournalPLR.com, so if you were looking for either one of those, you are still in the right place. 

  1. If you're looking to learn about journaling and planning or buy some printables, You'll want to visit JennyJournals. 
  2. If you are looking to learn about and buy commercial use planners + journals, then visit PJ-PLR. 

Yes, that's me with Sally from Cars at DisneyWorld. 


Jenny Journals

When I started JennyJournals I had every intention of blogging and using my coaching knowledge to help folks, but I found it just wasn't working for me. 

So, the site turned into a place to share and sell my printables - planners, journals, worksheets and more. 

I still intend to share information about journaling and planning that can help my customers, but it won't be the main focus of the site. 

Journaling helps you get into your head and see where you think. Not just how, but why, and where your thoughts lead to or come from. They can be pretty surprising, really.

Why I’m qualified?
In case it matters that much to you, I’m a 40 ish woman living in the midwestern US. I have an adult daughter who is no longer at home and a teen who will likely always be younger than her age. She has autism.

I’m also a certified life coach. Yeah, yeah. Pooh Pooh it if you think it’s bullshit, but that training got me out of the biggest funk of my life. Learning how and why my thoughts and emotions worked gave me the tools to not lay down and die a slow sad death, but to keep trudging, sometimes kicking ass, and actually live a life that isn’t too damn bad! It’s also been tremendously helpful with learning to understand my daughter’s thought processes because of her autism, anxiety and mental health issues.